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Founded and stretched in Alriyadh with
knowledge, expertise, and passion .. We are a
new breed of bespoke sports consulting and
development Services Company, with focus on
the development and creation of the top
performing and highest potential sport athletes
to personal and professional.
Every work we do for national sports small
businesses is personal, professional and
thorough hard-core consulting, operations, and
management; extended with fitness equipment.
Because we have got what it takes and the
industry expertise, we run our own ‘ 3Days ‘ - a
crossfit gym chain with locations kingdom-wide.
We create inspiring lifestyle throughout the
journey of connecting our expertise with the
sports industry for successful partnerships. This
is why we proudly are the preferred choice of
many leading sports business concepts.
Our single-minded purpose is to ensure that we
deliver an elegant and inspiring lifestyle to the
highest standards and provide prompt client
service and sheer satisfaction across the journey
that underline our competencies and
commitment to quality.

t: 011 4979400

9200 12527
Twitter: @tsportsa Instagram:

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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